Thursday, 2 June 2016

Lose Weight with Daily Drops

These daily drops halt cravings, increase calorie burning, and helps you lose weight fast. Not only do these drops guarantee weight loss on a 1200-calorie a day diet, but facilitate keep you from gaining the weight back later in life. These daily drops can facilitate you slim with very little or no workouts, exercises, weight lifting, or nearly any high strength physical activity.

This daily drop formula can facilitate you create forceful weight changes in as little as twenty days. Although exercise is not required for the formula to take full impact, but the more you do exercise, the more calories you burn.

The recommended daily 1200-Calorie Diet Plan allows for a (200) calorie breakfast, (400) calorie lunch & dinner and two (100) calorie snacks throughout the day.

These drops contain Ammonium bromatum, Avena sativa, Calcarea carbonica, Fucus vesiculosus, Graphites, Ignatia amara, Lycopodium clavatum, Nux vomica, Solphuricum acidum, thyroidinum, Rlcerin, purified water, and an alcohol base.

The formula in these daily drops allow for speedy weight loss with an applicable daily routine and small amount of or no cardiovascular exercise. This is derived from certified-grade raw materials (the purest ingredients available), processed according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and created within the United States for the utilization of weight loss treatment.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Infinitely Timeless Anti Wrinkle Age Defying Serum


Rewind years of natural aging with Infinitely Timeless™ and experience what it’s like to be immaculate once again. A powerful oil-free, anti-wrinkle micro-cream that works rapidly to wipeout the visible signs of aging. 

Just a very special skin tightening peptide called SYN®AKE.

Infinitely Timeless™ provides immediate results in as little as 60 seconds. The advantage of this skin treatment is that it can be used regularly without harmful side effects of needles or more aggressive surgical procedures.
  • Minimize wrinkles quickly
  • Reduces skin roughness
  • Skin smothening
  • Instant tensing of tissues


  • Auraspheres
Instant optical blurring of lines, wrinkles & pores. Minimize wrinkles quickly, painlessly and effectively. Tightening and mattifying instantly and progressively! Broad spectrum wrinkle minimizers, work synergistically to create an intense and immediate tightening and mattifying effect. Reduce roughness, mattify shine, minimize pores and blur fine lines. For use on the forehead, crows feet, or where needed.
  • Syn-ake Peptide – SYN®-AKE
Has been developed as efficient smoothing and anti-wrinkle care particularly effective against expression lines by relaxing facial muscles. This active tri-peptide acts in a manner similar to Waglerin 1, a neuromuscular blocking compound of the venom of the Temple Viper.
  • Sodium Silicate
Instant tensing of tissues. Sodium Silicate is CIR approved with concentration limits, and FDA approved as a food additive with the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) rating.
  • Magnesium Aluminum Silicate
Thickening agent used to fill lines.

Bella Pasqua • 
• IBO# 6417671

Iaso Tea

What Is Iaso Tea?
Iaso™ Tea is a flavored tea obtained from all natural sources. It’s formulated to cleanse your intestines and detoxify your entire body while helping you lose weight! Our special blend is designed for those with sensitive systems, adding known ingredients that provide a calming effect on the upper and lower intestines.

Iaso™ Tea offers a unique blend of all-natural ingredients. Just (250ml) 8 ounces of this mild tea twice daily can provide you with dramatic results. Find out why some have even called this amazing drink “a miracle” tea.

Iaso™ Tea ingredients are a special blend of 9 safe, natural and edible herbs: Holy Thistle, Persimmon leaves, Malva leaves, Marsh Mallow leaves, Blessed Thistle, Papaya, Ginger, Chamomile, and Myrrh.This blend allows gentle cleansing of the whole body with just 2 cups per day. Modern processing of foods and the pasteurization of dairy products destroys the enzymes that are necessary to our daily diet in order to support a healthy colon. 
Iaso™ Tea is like a white tea, a green tea, a weight loss tea, and a great-tasting herbal tea – all wrapped up in a lil’ black pouch. Remarkable things happen when you drink 2 cups of Iaso™ Tea daily. It’s gentle, yet surprisingly powerful. It is used as a colon cleanse, a parasite cleanse, a Candida cleanse, a blood purifier and a whole body detoxifier. The formula works like a general health tonic and is a home remedy for many ailments listed below.

Benefits of Drinking Iaso Tea
·         Great with irregularity and constipation, even for small children, seniors and the physically challenged.
·         Improves overall digestion and absorption of nutrients.
·         Sheds unwanted pounds and burns fat.
·         Provides sustainable energy, allowing you to smile more – because life is short, enjoy it.
·         Restores mental clarity and improves memory caused by having too many toxins in the blood.
·         Provides relief from allergies and hay fever.
·         Cleans out pharmaceutical and/or recreational drug residues, including heavy metals.
·         Keeps the colon, kidneys, liver, and lungs healthy, clean and clear.
·         Helps detoxify chemicals created by parasites, fungi, yeast, and bad bacteria in the colon and digestive tract.
·         Removes parasites such as worms and flukes from the colon… you may not think, but they do.
·         Removes toxins from the entire digestive system.

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